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GOP Councilwoman Marshall Stands Against Tax Hungry Colleagues

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Post originally published on SD Rostra

The California gasoline tax is one of the highest in the nation, yet our streets, roads, and highways are in s a perpetual state of disrepair. The main reason is because our gasoline taxes have been diverted from their originally intended purpose to the general fund. In 2010, the Legislature perfected a “gas tax swap” to facilitate this swindle.

That’s still not enough for the governing party in Sacramento. SB 16 is designed to burden Californians with the highest gas tax in the nation by adding 10 cents a gallon to the already 43 cents a gallon they charge us. The stated purpose is on the sponsoring Senator’s page. Here, Senator Jim Beall (D) acknowledges that the Legislature is charging you more money because they stole from you five years ago:

The state’s failure to keep pace with repairs is due to several factors, including the diversion of road maintenance revenues for other uses and the failure of the gas tax revenue, a key source of funding for repairs, to keep pace with the mounting maintenance costs.

Beall, who has been in the Legislature since 2006, asks you to pay more in taxes because, well…he supported the 2010 swindle and…gee, sorry but he’s a Senator and you should look past the fact that he helped steal your money.

That’s an unpopular position, to say the least. Beall has to convince a couple of Republicans to support SB16 so he’s asked some local City Councils to pass resolutions of support. Naturally, the Democratic supermajority on the Solana Beach Council intended to send that letter to Jim Beall. Watch how Mayor Lesa Heebner (D) chastised Council member Ginger Marshall (R) for voting against the letter of support for SB 16 (click here then click Consideration of Letter of Support...). It starts around 4:00 in the video, after the PowerPoint presentation:

MARSHALL:  I’m not in support of this…
HEEBNER:  You’re not in support of receiving money?
MARSHALL:  I’m not in support of raising the gas tax. I’m not in support of Sacramento re-appropriating funds, from what they were supposed to be used for then asking for more money. We already pay the highest gas tax in the country. Do I have to have my name on this letter?

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1- Solana Beach is a wealthy city with $106,000 in median family income. That’s about twice the amount of median family income in El Cajon, Escondido, Fresno, Hemet, and Imperial Beach (among others).
2- Gasoline taxes are regressive taxes: they hit lower income people the hardest.
3- Gasoline taxes are user taxes so they are an appropriate way to raise money to maintain highways and roads.
4- The California Legislature stole the gas tax money and used it for something other than road repair.
5- Rather than tell the Democratic legislators to stop stealing money, Heebner, Peter Zahn, and David Zito support this tax hike so they can spend more poor people’s money.

Lesa Heebner, David Zito, and Peter Zahn favor a tax increase, which will hit the poorest Californians the hardest, because their wealthy city might get a few more sheckles. Ginger Marshall was the only Solana Beach Council member who said, “Wait, Stop! Thief!” Here’s what Marshall told the Seaside Courier about her opposition:

“SB 16 supports raising the gas tax in California to support infrastructure spending,” Marshall said Tuesday, May 12, in an email to Seaside Courier. “In 2010, the sales tax was lowered however the excise taxes on gasoline were raised, allowing the state to confiscate the funds to use in the general fund. Our gas prices and taxes are some of the highest in the nation in California.”

Marshall is of the opinion the bill “proportionately hurts the lower class as well as folks on fixed incomes including the elderly who rely on Social Security.”

“It’s wrong to raise taxes on the lower and middle class especially in light of the fact that we are still trying to recover from one of the biggest recessions of our time,” Marshall said. “We need to send a message to Sacramento to cut spending, not raise our taxes.”

For that, Marshall should be commended. All it takes to end a kleptocracy, is one good person to say, “Stop! Thief! ”

Now…if we can just get Republican school board members to oppose Common Core with the same courage Marshall displayed in her opposition to the gas tax hike.The Lost City of Z 2017 movie


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